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3-Song Rock EP with Vocals by Chris Castle

Available on CD Baby, Amazon.com and iTunes

The Wilted cover

Listen to 2-minutes of music preview and see video HERE

This 3-Song EP "Vox Humanix" (Voks Hu -man' -iks) builds on three of the instrumental tracks from The Wilted's debut instrumental release from 2007 and adds the vocals of Chris Castle. In this live-in-the-studio rock recording at Hibiki Studio in Mountain View, CA, the band plays in a single take, live guitar solos, no click-tracks, with only minor editing and overdubbing. Then vocalist Chris Castle added his tracks in Los Angeles at The Famous Radio Ranch studio, and finally the band tracked background vocals in their native San Francisco Bay Area. The Wilted is Julien de Benedictis on Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Trevor White on Rhythm Guitar (and intro lead solo on Spacewater), Chris Holyoake on Drums, and Vocals by Chris Castle.

Filling Me in: Music and Lyrics by Julien de Benedictis
Hydrogen: Music by Julien de Benedictis and Paul J. de Benedictis, lyrics by Paul J. de Benedictis
Spacewater: Music by Julien de Benedictis and Paul J. de Benedictis, lyrics by Paul J. de Benedictis

Music Recorded at Hibiki Studios in Mountain View, CA by engineer Peter Thomas
Vocals recorded at The Famous Radio Ranch in Studio City, CA by engineer Bob Daspit

Produced by Paul J. de Benedictis. Mixed by Karl Derfler. Mastered by Michael Romanowski.

Album cover art by Rita Bullwinkel

Reviews of The Wilted's debut instrumental album on GarageBand.com netted the band a "Track of the Day" award and took them to #79 on the Instrumental Rock charts..."At times this song reminds me of the band Jet, at other times it reminds me of Rush's first album. I know this is in the instrumental category but I imagined vintage Geddy Lee shouting over some the riffs. The guitars sound good. Nice and crisp." says one GarageBand.com reviewer. See other reviews for "Filling Me In" on the song page. (reviews of Vox Humanix coming soon!)

The wilted BW

photo by Rick English

Chris Holyoake, Julien de Benedictis and Trevor White (above from left)


Chris Castle

Vocalist Chris Castle

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