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"Six Ways Up " 3-Song EP

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Six Ways Up Album Cover

"Beside My Shadow"

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Beside My Shadow Cover

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Instrumental Music Album Mixes Classical Chamber Music with Improvisation

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Quintet cover

 - Preview Music HERE -

Independent record label Mnemonic Records presents "Quintets" - an instrumental album of original music by Paul James de Benedictis, featuring string quartet, the improvisational work of noted piano virtuosos Ralph Grierson and Michael Lang, jazz pioneer Jeff Lorber, and a variety of soloists including such luminaries as Sussan Deyhim, Branford Marsalis, and Paul McCandless. The music was composed over several years, with some of the pieces being specifically written for the soloists and pianists, including Paul's childhood friends Matt Eakle (flute) and John Knox (piano). (more...)


Aliquot Piano Solos

Review: Original Sound Version

Power of One

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Independent record label Mnemonic Records has released the 20th anniversary reissue of "Power of One" an album of original solo piano compositions by Paul James de Benedictis performed on his 1889 Bluthner grand piano. (more...)


title Vox Harmonix

3-Song Rock EP with Vocals by Chris Castle

Vox Humanix

- Preview Music HERE -

This 3-Song EP "Vox Humanix" (Voks Hu -man' -iks) builds on three of the instrumental tracks from The Wilted's debut instrumental release from 2007 and adds the vocals of Chris Castle. In this live-in-the-studio rock recording at Hibiki Studio in Mountain View, CA, the band plays in a single take, live guitar solos, no click-tracks, with only minor editing and overdubbing. Mixed by engineer Karl Derfler. (more...)

title Vox Harmonix
3-Song Pop-Rock EP with Vocals by Susie Davis

Vox Humanix

- Preview Music HERE -

This historical 3-song recording went to tape live in 1981, at Mel Martin’s Big Ear Studio, in Marin County, CA.
It was recorded and mixed by Mel Martin live direct to 2-track tape with additional mixing on 'Disappear' by Paul J. de Benedictis. The tape was discovered among a stack of un-marked boxes almost 30 years later in 2010. Paul and Joel always wanted to release it. Here it is. (more...)


Instrumental Rock

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The Wilted

- Preview Music HERE -

Independent record label Mnemonic Records released its first title “The Wilted” in 2007 — an instrumental rock album from the band of the same name. Hailing from the heart of Silicon Valley in Menlo Park, California, the band recorded the album during their first few weeks of summer after high school was out. Lead guitarist Julien de Benedictis wrote nine of the instrumentals, including the opening opus “Way Too Late,” while rhythm guitarist Trevor White brought “Make It My Own” to the project. Chris Holyoake rounds out the band manning the drums. (more...)


Synthesizer explorations and Film from McKechnie Records and Monumental Sounds, LLC

Affiliate Labels - Music by Paul J. de Benedictis & Doug McKechnie; and The San Francisco Synthesizer Ensemble


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